Weight loss surgery improves sex for female patient – and guys too!

A wonderful study was published last week in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) is telling all us of us in the bariatric surgery world what we already knew. Obesity surgery makes women healthier, feel better about themselves AND, tah dah! Improves their sex lives.

This study although small is very well written and researched. Instead of just relying on Kinsey type questionaires, this study analyzed detailed personal medical surveys and took blood samples to look at changes of different sex and reproductive related hormones.

The quick summary is that over the 2 year period of the research 106 women answered that and showed in their blood tests significant improvement in their relationships, physical responses during intimacy and showed improvement in fertility hormones.

The leading reason for most women in the study to have obesity surgery was the hope of increasing and improving fertility. Surprisingly, fertility / pregnancy was the one item not assessed in the research.

The study only looked at the gastric bypass and the Lap Band. Not surprising, because many bariatirc surgeons in the U.S. have not had the up-swing in the Gastric Sleeve as we have had here in Texas.

This is a nice confirmation that obesity surgery works. For those of you who read my blog, this is not new. But it is nice to see such good medical research writing it in stone.

In my practice I see this improvement. Women are happy to have a return to their younger years and being able to rock some thunder under the covers. I see it in men who pre-surgery suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction) and then after surgery they can fuel their rocket with little urging.

All kidding and merriment aside, this study makes sense. When obese patients lose weight they feel and become healthier. Then they have the energy, the deisre and the urge to have intimate fun with their loved one.

To all my patients who have had obesity surgery and are enjoying these wonderful side effects…Rock On!

To all of you who are wondering if obesity surgery is for you, read this study and the other items in my blog. You know where to find me.