Vitamins do work

Vitamins do work

Over the last 2-3 months all of you have seen news articles telling everyone not to waste their time taking multivitamins. Well, Dr. Dirk’s advice to everybody is to treat this piece of news just the same as you do the “end-of-the-world” news or the news that the Dallas Cowboys are going to the Super Bowl. Ignore them.

The studies that are being quoted are an excellent example of scientists looking at a very narrow goal. I suspect these scientists meant well. Like me, they are upset that many companies are marketing vitamins and supplements as “cures,” or assigning miraculous characteristics to vitamins / nutritional supplements- like preventing or curing cancer, preventing Alzheimer’s. My favorite is the one that is going to make me a professional basketball player in the NBA. Not gonna happen!

In this very narrow focus, these scientists are correct. Taking vitamins and nutrition supplements does not prevent heart disease, does not prevent cancer and definitely does not prevent Alzheimer’s or other degenerative brain diseases.

What bothers me is the press, protected by free speech, throwing all vitamins under the bus! The headlines read that everyone should stop wasting money taking multi-vitamins. Completely untrue!

The scientists in these different studies did not say that vitamins are worthless. What they said is that if you are taking vitamins to prevent different diseases, you are taking them for the wrong reason.

Vitamins are important! They are necessary chemicals that allow our body to do the important jobs we need it to do, to get through our daily lives. Vitamins provide the building blocks for our nerves to conduct electrical signals all over our body. Our brain does not work without vitamins. Our skin, hair and nails do not grow without the B vitamins and other minerals. The most common causes of anemia are Iron and vitamin B deficiencies. What about Calcium? Not only does it protect our bones, it is an important element in making our nerves, muscles, and heart work the way they should.

Are you guys feeling me here?

The reason to take vitamins and nutritional supplements are because our American diet is awful. Let’s face up to it, we Americans eat poorly! And we eat a lot of it! Vitamins help us get what our bodies need in the middle of our busy lives that do not allow us to eat the way we should. I’m not making excuses, just stating a fact that is true for a lot of us. We would have to eat an entire garden, a side of beef and 2 whole tuna fishes to get what we need every day!(Just kidding, but you get the picture).

More importantly, I want every obesity surgery patient to ignore the news. All obesity surgery patients must take vitamins and nutritional supplements to stay healthy. No debate.

For everyone else, how hard and how expensive is it to take 1 multivitamin once a day.

Do yourself and your family a favor on this one, ignore the ignorant press.