U.S. Obesity Rates Continue to Rise

U.S. Obesity Rates Continue to RiseThe obesity epidemic has long been the topic of conversation among health professionals, politicians and concerned citizens across the nation. While policies have been enacted to reduce sugar consumption and overhaul school lunches, obesity rates continue to climb. Despite national campaigns and increased awareness, recent years have shown an increase in obesity for the first time since 2004. What gives?

Fitness and weight loss is a multifaceted subject, and while recent campaigns have emphasized portion control, encouraged restaurants and chains to list their calories, offer healthier choices and monitor other aspects like sugar and sodium, eating well is only a start. Consistent exercise is also crucial when it comes to losing or maintaining weight, and it’s much more difficult to enact laws and standards that monitor physical activity.

Another consideration when it comes to weight loss and obesity? Recent statistics suggest that obesity is on the rise in poor communities, while affluent communities are more likely to implement beneficial dietary changes. Similarly, statistically significant differences are noted among various racial groups, as well as across gender lines: adult women experience obesity at a rate of about 38 percent, compared to about 34 percent for men. Between black men and women, women’s rates soar above men’s at 57 percent, compared to 38 percent. These findings illustrate the well-known fact that socioeconomic standing is related to overall health.

What about children? Kids across the country experience obesity at a rate of 17 percent, a number that has remained constant for the past decade. While implementing various programs in schools that encourage healthy habits is fairly simple, that trend is difficult to maintain in the workplace.

Is there a cure for obesity? Beyond lifestyle changes that include dietary improvements and an exercise regimen, weight loss surgery procedures are the only known remedy. Talk to a weight-loss specialist or bariatric surgeon to learn more about your options.


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