They want to regulate our food!

The World Health Organization has issued a powerful statement that recommends world governments should regulate food intake of their citizens, to reduce the availability of fast food which is fueling the obesity epidemic.

I agree that the excessive consumption of fast food is not healthy and combined with absence of exercise will lead a person to become obese. I have a problem when it is recommended that a government should regulate what foods or items of food will be available for people to eat.

I want to throw in my 2 cents as a non-scientist citizen observer of the world about my opinion of governments telling us how to live our lives. This idea is brought to us by the likes of folks who run the bankrupt US Post Office, gave us the European economic failure of Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy, and, oh yeah, let us not forget the bankrupt city of Detroit!

I will not argue that excessive fast food consumption is a problem. It is not a healthy nutrition plan. But if the governments don’t limit the amount of alcohol or cigarettes available on the market or limit how much of these items 1 person can purchase, what makes them think they can regulate fast food.

All of you know me for common sense as well as calling for good health. I will confess to you that running from one hospital to another, rushing between appointments, famished for not having had anything to eat, yes, I have pulled my car in to a fast food drive thru. It was that or eat the stray dog walking next to me with a helping of barbecue sauce!

I made adjustments later that day and even the next few days, but I still was able to choose to go there and get rid of the gnawing monster within.

I hope this does not fly over the heads of all my patients, friends and family. We do not need government to regulate the food we eat. We need government to get out of the way and let us have the health care we need and deserve with less interference from unknowledgeable politicians and administrators.

Lose weight safely. Take care of yourselves. Be healthy. Or the government will be doing it for you.