Patient Testimonial: Ruby Adame

Meet Ruby Adame, a 40-year-old manager at a finance company who weighed 325 pounds at her highest weight. On February 24, 2015, Dr. Dirk performed the gastric sleeve procedure on Ruby, and today she weighs what she calls a “marvelous” 220. She’s lost over 100 pounds so far, but Ruby says she’s not even close to being done.

We spoke with Ruby about her weight loss journey and her experience with Dr. Dirk.

weight loss testimonial

What was life like for you before the procedure? Did you have any health issues?

My life before the sleeve was full of pain, extremely short walks, endless tired days and restless nights. I was turning 39 and heading toward my third back surgery in under a year when I decided I needed to get healthier. I also lived with diabetes and high blood pressure, which was inevitable with my family history, but which I did nothing to try and avoid.

At first, I decided that I was going to get the lap band procedure. Then I spoke to my cousin Charles Martinez about his gastric sleeve procedure. He guided me toward the incredible Dr. Dirk Rodriguez, my life-changing surgeon.

weight loss testimonial

How did Dr. Dirk help you throughout the process?

From the beginning, Dr. Dirk and his staff were extremely professional, proficient and willing to go above and beyond to make me feel like part of their family. I say this because I was never treated like an insurance claim, a dollar sign or a fat failure.

weight loss testimonial

How have you changed your diet and exercise?

Nothing about eating no more than four ounces at a time is easy, especially when you’re used to eating at a buffet three times a week. I eat 8-10 small meals each day with more than 60 grams of protein. I exercise every day, mainly by walking 2-4 miles daily and doing low-impact weight training.

weight loss testimonial

How has your life changed since your surgery?

Life after bariatric surgery is not easy. It is something that I work hard at every day. It requires dedication to exercise and daily meal planning.

Once, while out on my daily walk, I realized that I had walked 2 miles and I wasn’t out of breath or in pain. I felt amazing and decided to keep walking. I smiled and even cried because I never thought that I would enjoy a walk.

This procedure gave me all the simple things everyone else takes for granted. Sitting comfortably and crossing my legs. Fastening the seat belt on an airplane without an extension and folding the tray table down flat. Shopping at any store instead of special-ordering my size 30-32 pants and shirts.

weight loss testimonialWhat would you tell someone else considering weight loss surgery? Would you recommend Dr. Dirk and why?

If anyone was thinking of getting any type of weight loss surgery, I would recommend Dr. Dirk every time. He is a surgeon that treats you with respect and shoots it straight. He is a great motivator and a great support system from beginning to end. Dr. Dirk makes you want to do better, pushes you to be the best you and encourages you to just be healthier.

This all comes down to making the decision to become healthier, not only for yourself, but for your family. Would I make the same decision again? Yes. I just would have made it sooner.