A Few Easy Tips to Correctly Count Calories

count caloriesCalories may be single most discussed aspect of weight loss. Whether your weight-loss strategy includes cutting carbs, limiting your sugar intake or working out more, at the end of the day, your weight comes down to calories consumed versus calories burned.

If you’re wondering how to count calories as part of your weight-loss plan, use these tips to help maximize your results.

Know your number

Use an online calorie calculator or consult your physician to learn how many calories you should be eating per day in order to safely and healthily lose weight. Once you know your number, make it a goal to consistently consume that number of calories every day.

Keep a food journal

The practice of writing down everything you eat may seem tedious, but being aware of exactly what you’re putting into your body every day can lead to weight loss. Plus, knowing you’ll have to write it down might keep you from indulging in smaller snacks that would take less time to consume than it would take to write down in your food diary.

You can also try weight-loss apps like Fitbit, LoseIt or MyFitnessPal, which offer nutrition data for most foods, including restaurant meals.

Know what you’re eating

Think twice before eating out at restaurants — a meal that sounds reasonably healthy on the menu might easily end up clocking in at an entire day’s worth of calories. Read nutrition labels, and always look up calorie information online if a label or menu doesn’t offer it. Knowledge is power when it comes to calorie counting.

Avoid taking a “cheat day”

Every calorie you consume is either turned into energy or stored as fat, so spending the entire day eating fried foods at the state fair can easily sabotage all of your weight loss efforts. Experts recommend having a cheat meal rather than an entire cheat day if you’re looking to beat a craving, but even your cheat meals shouldn’t be too over-the-top in terms of calories.

If you’ve tried every tip in the book and you’re still not seeing results, give Dr. Dirk a call. He and his knowledgeable, compassionate staff can help you start your journey to a healthier lifestyle.