Can getting more vitamin D help you lose weight?

vitamin d and weight loss

Have you heard? Increasing your vitamin D intake just may result in weight loss success—or will it? A new study claims that, among overweight or obese people with a vitamin D deficiency, coupling a low-calorie diet with supplements may increase chances of success when it comes to shedding unhealthy weight.

Though vitamin D is making headlines as the latest up-and-coming weight-loss aid, let’s look at the facts. Vitamin D alone has not been shown to have any effect on weight loss; in fact, vitamin D has only proven helpful when coupled with a low-calorie meal plan for adults who are already deficient in the nutrient.

So is the weight loss associated with vitamin D unique to the vitamin itself, or would we see the same results upon correcting any vitamin deficiency? The latter, according to Dr. Dirk.

“These studies are worthless and have no validity,” he says.

While vitamin D may not be the elixir of health that many health and fitness magazines might have you believe, it is still important for your overall health to get your daily dose. This is especially important now, since as much as 40 percent of the adult population in the U.S. may be vitamin D deficient.

Does that mean you should be taking a supplement? Not necessarily.

“10 minutes of unprotected sunlight drives your body to produce vitamin D,” Dr. Dirk, a Bariatric Surgeon in Dallas, TX,  says. However, it’s the other sources of the vitamin that are perhaps most beneficial when it comes to weight loss, as, coincidentally, they also happen to be high in protein. Salmon, tuna and dairy products like fortified yogurt or eggs are great sources of vitamin D, while protein helps to boost your metabolism and build muscle mass.

Instead of turning to the latest health food craze or adding unnecessary supplements to your routine, try getting your fill of vitamins and nutrients from a healthy, balanced diet. Who knows? You may even lose some weight when you cut out the junk and opt for more nutritious meals.