Obesity and Your Libido

Obesity takes it’s toll in many ways on your body but I’ll bet the last thing you thought of was how it would affect your libido.  To sum it up, obesity adversely affects your libido by dramatically decreasing your sexual satisfaction.  Obesity can also increase your likelihood for sexual problems.

Our self image is also affected when we’re obese or overweight which creates other issues such as depression and or stress.  When we have low self esteem we naturally lose interest in sexual activities and the problem worsens.  For men, other problems include lower testosterone levels or testosterone deficiency.  Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common symptoms of low testosterone.  For both men and women, high blood pressure is a result of low testosterone.

There are a few simple things you can do to help improve your libido.  First, lose weight!  Exercise and healthy eating both help in your fight against obesity and  losing that weight will make a big difference.  Secondly, speak to your doctor.  In all the efforts you make on your end your doctor can tell you if you need medication to help with other factoring health issues.

Weight loss has a major effect on not only your libido but your overall health.  Dr. Dirk Rodriguez can assist you on your journey to healthy living by answering your questions about your weight loss and bariatric surgery options.  Dr. Rodriguez is an experienced bariatric surgeon in Dallas.

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