3 Strategies for Breaking Bad Habits

breaking bad habitsIf you’ve tried to lose weight in the past, you know that much of the process has to do with breaking bad habits. It might be hard to resist a morning doughnut or pass up the vending machine at work, but implementing these small changes can make all the difference when it comes to losing weight and reducing your risk for heart disease and diabetes.

So how can you change your unhealthy habits? Read on for three strategies to help you kick those bad behaviors.

Write it down

Keeping a record of the dates and times you partake in your bad habits can be the first step to stopping them. Not only will you be more conscious of your daily habits, but you may also be able to identify triggers. For example, you may realize that you only pick up candy bars in the checkout line when you’re grocery shopping before dinner. Now you can make a point of only shopping after you’ve already eaten so you won’t be tempted to snack.

Tell someone your goals

Telling someone you spend a lot of time with, like a significant other or a co-worker, that you are trying to kick a bad habit gives you some measure of accountability. Knowing that someone is there to call you out when they notice you’re indulging in your habit goes a long way toward stopping that bad behavior.

Reward yourself 

A fun way to kick a bad habit is to set a series of small goals that contribute to your larger overall goal. Every time you achieve one of these small goals, reward yourself with a healthy treat, such as a pedicure or a trip to your favorite store. For instance, if you’re trying to quit smoking, reward yourself for every month or two weeks you go without a cigarette.

Weight loss isn’t all about stopping bad habits — it’s also about building healthy new habits. If you’re ready to start a healthier lifestyle, get started with Dallas weight loss surgeon,  Dr. Dirk today.