Dallas Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Dirk Rodriguez is on YouTube

In case you didn’t know already, Dallas bariatric surgeon Dr. Dirk Rodriguez is a YouTube star! With over 20 videos on his YouTube channel, ranging from topics like patients’ stories and testimonials, procedure overviews, as well as video seminars, Dr. Dirk Rodriguez helps weight loss surgery candidates in Dallas and surrounding areas understand weight loss surgery.

His videos are posted as an informational tool that gives potential weight loss surgery patients some knowledge about different procedures, payment options, and success stories. His YouTube channel is consistently updated with different news about his practice as well as his patients’ heartwarming stories about their procedure processes. Dr. Dirk also posts his video seminars on YouTube so if you are not able make it to his seminar on a certain day you can go to his YouTube page and watch the videos.

We believe that the Dr. Dirk Rodriguez YouTube channel is a great way to help potential weight loss surgery patients and folks interested in bariatrics learn about it through video. We’re not sure about you, but we’re definitely visual learners! So we get excited about any chance we have to learn through video.

Check back with Dr. Dirk Rodriguez’s website and YouTube channel to receive up-to-date news and videos on weight loss surgery in Dallas.