Surgery is the answer for obesity-related illnesses

Weight loss Surgery is drastic.

I am stunned when I encounter supposedly educated people (yes I am talking doctors here) tell me weight loss surgery is drastic.  In my other blogs I have written about the tons of science that have proven the safety and efficacy of surgery compared to diets or pills. Google it and 1000 pages come up, go read it.  I love when these doctors tell me that weight loss surgery is drastic, but heart surgery is not.  “Oh, that is different”.

When I point out that
•Many types of Obesity surgery gets rid of diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and high cholesterol which areobesity surgery dallas all the risk factors that go hand in hand with heart disease, which will need heart surgery, they say, “You can avoid obesity, you can’t avoid heart disease”(with a harrumpf, puff,puff & sigh). What?
•Obesity surgery will get rid of diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, memory deficits,  and high cholesterol, which means you will avoid heart disease, which will avoid the need for heart surgery, but obesity surgery is drastic? What planet do you come from? Or is the tin foil hat you are wearing really helping you fight off alien mind control?  “Obesity surgery is too hard”.  Heart surgery, hip surgery, back surgery, cancer surgery are walks in the park?  “Weight loss surgery makes the weight loss too fast and that’s not healthy” Seriously?

Obesity surgery will:
•Get rid of sleep apnea in 30 days,
•Have acid reflux (GERD) gone in 2 months,
•Make diabetes disappear or easier to control in 3 months,
•Make blood pressure normal without medicine in 6 months and
•Get cholesterol back to normal in 1 year with obesity surgery.
This is too fast?

Because of these results the World Health Organization (WHO) is considering recommending obesity surgery (bypass, sleeve, switch) as the first line of treatment for Type 2 diabetes, regardless of insulin or oral treatment! Impossible! A surgery actually cures something!

Let me share 2 stories with you which I hope move you to be smarter than some of my colleagues.  A patients husband comes to my office. He is younger than 50 and the diabetes is causing bleeding in both his  retinas, threatening his eyesight- he expects to be blind in no time. He has the start of neuropathy (nerve damage caused by diabetes-one of the leading causes of amputation). His BMI is 35. I point out that obesity surgery can cure his diabetes or (make it much easier to control).

He is stunned. “None of my doctors ever told me this”. This is a young man, suffering the consequences of a crippling disease (usually associated with 60,70 & 80 year olds!) AND his doctors have not told him of an alternative and effective treatment that CAN GET RID OF DIABETES! Does anybody else feel their blood boiling?
A colleague of mine has witnessed me become an obesity surgeon. He has sent me his patients and seen results. He too is obese. He has suffered a heart attack. He has had heart surgery. Without my prompting him, he would say, “I gotta lose weight, but THAT surgery is not for me”.

Years go by and he develops type 2 diabetes so severe he needs an insulin pump surgically implanted. This doctor would suffer the ravages of heart disease and diabetes, instead of having a surgery that will take away the most significant medical conditions affecting the world today.

Thankfully, more doctors are better informed and have had my patients come back to them.  Each of my patients tell me how amazed their doctors are at how fast their health improved, at how fast they would be taking their patient off insulin and high blood pressure medication.  These doctors understand how drastic it is NOT to recommend obesity surgery to their patients.

An important message to all my colleagues;
-Obesity surgery works to treat obesity, diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure & high

-Dr. Dirk