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Dr. Dirk Rodriguez is an accomplished weight loss surgeon based in Dallas, Texas. With more than 10,000 weight loss surgeries under his belt, Dr. Dirk has the experience you can trust. These surgeries provide a multitude of success stories, and he continues to change the lives of his patients for the better by helping them uncover who they really are. When you meet with him, you will rest assured that the man performing your surgery is an expert — he has 25 years of experience in the field. As evidenced by the time he spent as a military surgeon, Dr. Dirk is no stranger to dedicating himself to helping others, and his goal at the end of the day is to serve his patients.

Here are more patients that Dr. Dirk has helped in their weight loss journey.

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Watch the 8-minute video above to hear Maegan share her success story on "A More Beautiful You - Great Day Houston" with Dr. Dirk.

Lost 150 pounds in 1 year! Maegan’s obesity had placed her on a difficult path, a path where she was forced to deal with bullying and ridicule on such a regular basis that she was secluded. She became withdrawn, avoiding new people out of fear that they’d only end up making fun of her. Childhood obesity is never easy, but Maegan’s case was particularly severe, as she weighed 310 pounds in her first year of high school. Maegan and her family sought traditional remedies, including countless visits with dietitians, but changes to her diet didn’t work.
  Her mother jumped on board with all the latest weight loss fads as they emerged, hoping to find something that could help her daughter, but this was also unsuccessful. Maegan spoke to numerous doctors as she began exploring other options, but it was Dr. Dirk who told her he could operate on her. Although weight loss surgery is typically performed on older candidates, Dr. Dirk understood the importance of giving Meagan the opportunity to live healthier for longer. By eliminating obesity early in Maegan’s life, he helped her evade future complications that would have resulted from her ongoing weight issues. As for Maegan, she had no doubts about opting for the surgery, since she wanted to finally start enjoying her high school experience. She wanted to fit in and be more like her fellow students. Dr. Dirk made that possible for her; she lost 150 pounds — nearly half her body weight — following her surgery. The weight loss proved to be only the tip of the iceberg, because in the aftermath of the procedure, Maegan discovered a whole new life for herself. She became more outgoing, making a number of new friends, and she no longer felt the need to shy away from people. She even became involved in theater, savoring the chance to be out in front of a crowd, in the spotlight. The real Maegan has emerged, thanks to Dr. Dirk and the surgery that changed her life forever.

Watch the 8-minute video above to hear Maegan share her success story on "A More Beautiful You - Great Day Houston" with Dr. Dirk.

*actual weight-loss may vary.

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Lauren Burns

Lost 111 pounds

It’s been 1 year today since I had my sleeve and I’m down 111 pounds!!! Thanks Dr. Dirkread more

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Brandon went from 327 pounds to 260 pounds

This doctor is amazing. He has literally saved my life. I am only 3 months out from my surgery and I have gone from 327 to 260 poundsread more

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Elania Land

"It is great. He is very supportive and keeps me motivated."read more

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Tamika Littleton

Dr. Rodriguez was not only a doctor and a friend; he was a support system as well "He (Dr. Dirk) really stayed on me a great deal and I love him for that, because I needed it. With the lap band, I didn’t have the at home support I would’ve wanted as opposed to now after the gastric sleeve; I have all the support in the world. read more

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