Sleeve Gastrectomy and Exercise Lowers Cholesterol

Once again Dr Dirk is vindicated. I am right so many times, I am starting to sleep on a bed of right-ness! Ha!

An article in the medical journal Obesity Surgery showed that Gastric Sleeve Surgery patients who exercised had lower serum cholesterol levels, compared to those who did not.

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I will not bore you with my enthusiasm for obesity surgery procedures and how it improves health, not to forget, oh, yeah! You lose a ton of weight.

The important take away message here is that:

  1. Not only did the patients in this study lose weight,
  2. The ones who EXERCISED had a dramatic lowering of the cholesterol levels.
  3. Obesity surgery procedures work.
  4. It makes good nutrition and exercise more effective.

The evidence is clear.

Obesity surgery helps you:

  1. Lose weight and
  2. Get rid of medical condtions that require medication and doctor’s office visits and blood tests
  3. Reduce health care expenses
  4. Improve quality of life.

Show this information to your weight loss doctor, help make believers out of them.