Weight Loss Surgery Procedures

Overview of Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric surgery, obesity surgery and weight loss surgery all mean the same thing. They are operations that will help you become healthy and help you lose weight.

Obesity is a real medical condition like diabetes and high blood pressure. It is different from those conditions because there is no medicine that can treat it.

Bariatric, weight loss surgery may sound drastic but the last 18 years of science has proven that surgery works AND it is safe.

Even if you do not have these problems, if you have a family history of these medical conditions and want to avoid getting them, these operations can help you.

Surgery is just not changing the mechanics or internal paths of your insides. Surgery changes the hormones in your body to help you lose weight and become healthy.

How Bariatric Surgery Works

Surgery works by reducing how much food you can eat at each time you eat. Some folks think that they should be able to do this on their own, but the surgery helps to remind them that they are reaching their limit and it helps them stop. This can be in the way of feeling really full, getting a feeling of being uncomfortable, and in worse cases, throwing up. That sounds rough, but some folks need a tool that works that way to help them get health. Surgery changes your body in a good way.

Surgery alone is not enough to make you lose weight, to become healthy you need good nutrition and exercise. Our program will guide you through healthy eating and making the right food choices. No grass and cardboard diets, no special products, just plain common sense and regular food.

The three operations Dr Dirk offers are different. They have different results and work differently for everyone.

The Lap Band

This is an adjustable belt that is put around the top of the stomach. It is tightened around the stomach by injecting salt water into the band, and adjustments or “fills” are made. It makes you feel full quickly when you eat. When adjusted to the right point, folks can only eat about 1/2 to 1 cup of food at each meal. They can drink liquids with no problems. These are done in the doctor’s office with local anesthesia. Fills are done until the patient reaches the “sweet spot”. Folks who do best with the band are the ones who say they can control WHAT they are eating; they just need help with HOW MUCH they eat. They can exercise and they like the fact that the band is adjustable and even reversible.

The Gastric Bypass

This operation is considered the gold standard. This combines reducing the amount of food a person can consume at one time and it forces the person to make good food choices. The stomach is divided into two separate parts. A newly added small upper stomach receives the food while the lower much larger part of your stomach will never receive food again. The small pouch is connected to a portion of the small intestine that carries food to the rest of the body. The bypass helps folks make good food choices by producing pain, nausea and even vomiting if the person eats something that is not nutritious. This reaction is called “dumping”. Folks who do best with the bypass say they need help with how much they eat and what they eat. Patients who have Type 2 diabetes that need insulin or lots of medicines do well with this surgery and can lose their diabetes. Other medical conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea can see these problems disappear with the bypass.

The Gastric Sleeve

This is a great operation that Dr. Dirk considers a middle of the road between the Lap Band and the Gastric Bypass. The large floppy part of the stomach is taken out permanently, leaving a long skinny sleeve of stomach. You get full quickly when you eat. This allows good hormones going in the body to speed up weight loss. It helps get rid of diabetes. It can also remind you that you must make good food choices. Folks who do best with the gastric sleeve surgery are the ones who do not want a foreign object inside of them. They don’t want to go back to the doctor’s office for adjustments. They say that they need help with HOW MUCH they eat but they also do not want a more involved surgery like a bypass. They can exercise and they like the fact that one surgery can help them.

Other Obesity Surgery Procedures