Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is a procedure that removes the large floppy portion of the stomach. The shape of the stomach is changed from a shape similar to an empty football to the shape of a skinny curved sleeve, similar to a banana. The point of this weight loss surgery is to make you full quickly when you eat and keep you fuller longer.

Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

  • Feel full quickly
  • Lose cravings for certain foods
  • Home the day of surgery
  • Back to work in a few days
  • Back to normal life in days
  • Lose as much as 60-83% of excess weight over 1- 2 years
  • Get rid of diabetes
  • Improve high blood pressure
  • Improve cholesterol
  • Get rid of sleep apnea

*Individual weight loss results may vary.

How is Gastric Sleeve Surgery performed?

During the surgery about 2/3 to 3/4 of the stomach is removed. By removing the floppy part of the organ, the stomach is changed from the shape of a deflated football to a long skinny sleeve.

How can I tell if Gastric Sleeve Surgery is right for me?

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is effective, but it is not right for everyone. The procedure is recommended for adults ages 20-55 and for those with busy lifestyles that might prevent them from frequent trips to the doctor. Aerobic exercise is vital to the success of the surgery so the patient must have the ability and will to do so.

Lose Weight and Improve Health

Gastric sleeve surgery has a positive impact on a lot of the hormones that will help you continue to lose weight and improve your overall health. In addition to your bariatric surgery procedure, it’s important to maintain a diet with strong nutritional value. Each patient is placed on multivitamins and supplements to avoid problems with anemia, hair loss, bone loss and vitamin deficiencies.

Don’t let obesity control your life any longer. If you think that gastric sleeve surgery is right for you, contact Dr. Dirk today for a consultation. He has convenient offices located throughout Texas including Dallas, Palestine and provides service to Arlington, Plano, Wichita Falls and the surrounding areas.