Diabetes and Weight Loss Surgery

Diabetes Bariatric Surgery in Dallas-Fort Worth

Diabetes is a debilitating disease affecting nearly 25.8 million children and adults in the United States. Ninety percent of people living with diabetes are Type 2 diabetics and suffer from the most severe symptoms, including heart problems, blindness, extreme thirst, and nerve damage.

Even with treatment and medications, diabetes can worsen. Diabetes, and the medications used to treat it, can cause additional weight gain. As diabetics get heavier, they need more medicine or higher doses to try to control the condition.

Excessive amounts of medication meant to ease the symptoms of diabetes can have a debilitating effect on your organs and overall well being. Bariatric surgery can help relieve the obesity symptoms that complicate diabetes. When a patient with diabetes goes through a weight loss surgery, they remove the co-morbid factors that often worsen their condition.

Weight Loss Surgery & Your Diabetes

Not only effective in lessening the conditions, weight loss surgeries have shown to completely eliminate diabetes in some patients. By easing the regulation of sugar and drops in Hemoglobin A1C levels, a patient who loses excess weight will feel better and look better.

Whatever the level of severity of your diabetes, if you are thinking about weight loss surgery to help get rid of it or easier to treat, Dr. Dirk is the right bariatric surgeon to turn to. Call today to find out how weight loss surgery can help ease your affliction.

*Individual weight loss results may vary.