Lap Band Surgery

Dallas LAP-BAND ® – Weight Loss Surgery

The adjustable gastric band, commonly known as the LAP-BAND ® or the Realize Band® is a minimally invasive weight loss surgery that will have a permanent impact on your weight loss efforts. The Lap-Band is a band that is placed inside your body around the upper portion of the stomach.

The adjustable band sits around your upper stomach like a belt. It is connected to an inflation port with soft tubing and we adjust the tightness of the band by injecting or removing medical saline (salt water) through the port in to the band. The more saline that is injected, the tighter it becomes. This means that you eat less food at each meal and still get full quickly. As you lose weight we tighten it to give you a better feel and fit.

Benefits of Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery:

  • Give you control over your weight loss
  • Provide a slower controlled weight loss
  • Allow adjustments to follow your weight loss
  • Home the day of surgery
  • Back to work in days
  • Back to normal life in days
  • Feel full sooner when eating
  • Better control of your appetite
  • Eat less calories
  • Lose 1-2 pounds a week
  • Lose 50% of excess weight over 1-2 years
  • 48% of diabetics have their diabetes go away
  • High blood pressure goes away for 38% of patients
  • 78% of patients had improved cholesterol

*Individual weight loss results may vary.

 Expectations from Lap Band Surgery

Patients can expect to lose about 50% of their excess body weight two years after the surgery. If you are carrying 100 extra pounds you could expect to lose 50 pounds. With proper nutrition and exercise programs, some of Dr. Dirk’s patients lose as much as 70% of their excess weight. With this type of lost weight, negative medical conditions disappear, greatly improving one’s health.

Lap-Band surgery is a tool to help you lose weight, and like all bariatric surgeries need to be combined with proper nutrition and exercise in order to be successful. Lap-Band surgery is not for everyone but most patients can and will show sizeable improvement using this approach. If you are in Dallas, Arlington or the surrounding areas, call Dr. Dirk today to schedule a consultation and find out if Lap-Band surgery in Dallas can help you lose weight.