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Providing Weight Loss Surgical Options for Palestine, Fort Worth, Arlington and the Surrounding Areas

Bariatric surgery includes various medical procedures that will help a patient control and eliminate obesity. The burden of excessive weight takes a toll both medically and physically. Patients who go through bariatric surgery are able to look and feel better with the help of Dr. Dirk’s weight loss procedures.

Obesity surgery focuses on portioning the stomach or routing digestive organs in order to control food intake. With proper portion control and nutrition education, a weight-loss patient is presented a new opportunity at an obesity-free life.

Besides just looking better, bariatric surgery can help alleviate life-threatening diseases that are often caused by obesity. Many people who suffer from extreme obesity often suffer from cardiac and respiratory issues that complicate their health conditions further. Proper bariatric surgery can help alleviate these issues and is also a recommended method for pacifying effects of diabetes, in some cases.

It’s important to remember that no two people are the same so proper consultation with a trained weight loss surgeon is vital to helping you make an informed decision regarding your obesity. There are many varieties of bariatric surgery that can potentially help you look and feel better. You can learn more about the procedures Dr. Dirk offers here:

Dr. Dirk Rodriguez has practices in both Dallas, TX and Palestine, TX. With close proximity to Fort Worth, McKinney, Tyler and most of Northeast Texas, Dr. Dirk’s weight loss procedures can help you look and feel better. Contact our office to schedule a consultation and get started losing weight today.