Success with Nuvita

Dr Dirk is proud to join with Nuvita to help his patients be even more successful with their weight loss surgery. Nuvita is a health and wellness company dedicated to helping Dr Dirk’s patients reach their goals of good health and losing weight.What is Nuvita?
Nuvita is an integrated health system in which you have your own personal health and wellness coach who creates a program tailored to your specific needs. Yes, you get your own Nuvita coach! Together you can track your success, make changes to help you succeed and stay on the road to health and success in weight loss.
Dr. Dirks Weight Loss Success with Nuvita

How will Nuvita help me?
Your personal coach will create an online profile just for you. Your coach will help guide through the program every step of the way. Your Nuvita program will help you track nutrition, exercise, hydration and vitamins. It also gives you excellent tips and teaching modules to help you become healthy and keep losing weight. Your coach will be in contact in person, on the phone or on-line every week to help you and keep you accountable.

Is Nuvita only for patients after surgery?
No! Dr Dirk recommends NuvIta for patients whose health insurance requires a pre-surgery weight loss program before approving surgery, or for people looking for the latest in lifestyle and wellness coaching.

Why is Nuvita better than going to support groups?
After your first in depth evaluation appointment, all other contacts with your coach can be on-line or via the phone. During the visit you and your coach are reviewing your tracking software. No driving through metroplex traffic, no listening to other people’s problems that do not apply to you. Instead of once a month, you get weekly or every 2 week visits and feedback with your coach. Your tracking program is there every day to help you track nutrition, exercise and mobility. It has new weekly lessons each week to help you live a healthy life and lose weight.

What is the cost for Nuvita?
This is an excellent value. Compare it to the amount of money you pay each month to a health / fitness club that you may not even be attending. Your coach is there for you every week to keep you on track, answer your questions and cheer you along the way.

Pre-op nutritional counseling is only $50/month (3 or 6 month programs available).

The 3 month, post-op lifestyle coaching program is $590.

Isn’t that expensive?
Nuvita is a qualified health care expense that can be deducted from your taxes (always discuss tax law with your accountant or tax preparation expert). You will receive more service & value from Nuvita than anything else you have tried.

Why does Dr. Dirk recommend Nuvita?
Dr Dirk and his staff are Nuvita clients. He has worked the program and software. He feels this is the best way for post-op surgery patients to keep on track and succeed.

Click here to watch a video from Dr. Dirk on why he recommends Nuvita for all his patients.

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