Life After Surgery

What will my life be like after surgery? This is what pretty much everybody asks me.

The answer is wonderful!

As you have read and seen through my patient’s testimonials, they all talk about getting their life back. They mention that they enjoy life and live it to their fullest.

Weight loss surgery is designed for you to live your life, not keep you or your family from it. No more diets!

My program is designed so that you can enjoy time with your children, your family, you will be able to go out to eat, enjoy family gatherings and holidays. We will teach you to eat in a healthy nutritious way. No grass and cardboard meals for you.

Here is what my patients have shared with me about their life after bariatric surgery:


All my patients change to a high protein, moderate fat, low carbohydrate nutrition plan. You will eat or feed yourself 5-6-7-8 times a day in small portions of ΒΌ cup to 1 cup size.

My patients eat beef, ham, roast beef, turkey, chicken, fish, and tuna fish as their meat products, which becomes their go-to food when counting their grams of protein. Patients will also be drinking milk, eating yogurt without added sugar, eggs, cottage cheese, cheese and cheese products that are also great sources of protein.

When things get really busy some of our patients use protein shakes and protein bars to help them get the nutrition they need during the day. Even though it seems like you will be eating a lot, you will be eating more often and putting nutritious food in to your body, but eating less calories. Our nutrition guide will give you great ideas on how you will keep yourself healthy and well nourished after weight loss surgery.


My patients tell me that they can enjoy small servings of dessert. Depending on the type of surgery they have, they tell me that they are able to eat 2-3 bites of dessert. They then quit because they feel very full and know they will feel ill if they continue to eat more.

Fruits and vegetables-

My program has you on a high protein nutrition plan. Fruits and vegetables are good for us and they have lots of supplements that are good for us. After surgery you will be able to eat fruits and vegetables, but in smaller quantities.

For example, if one of my patients wants to eat an apple, they will slice it up in to six pieces and spread out eating the pieces of apple through the whole day. They are able to have their apple-a-day. You will still be able to have your fruits and vegetables, just in smaller portions.

Vitamins and supplements-

My patients take multi-vitamins everyday and they also take other supplements like B-12, B vitamins, iron and calcium. I tell all my patients to take a chewable multi-vitamin twice a day, a B-12 supplement once a day, calcium once a day and iron once a day. All of these are explained to you in our nutrition guide.

Taking vitamins and supplements makes sure that your body gets what you need to be and stay healthy. My program checks for these items by ordering blood tests to make sure everything is working just right. We can tell your family doctor what to check for, too.


I believe that obesity surgery patients that exercise everyday are happier. When I see my patients that do aerobic exercise every day, it is clear to me that they get rid of their medical conditions faster and lose more weight than my patients that do not exercise every day. Daily aerobic exercise is an important tool for good health and losing weight.

Our exercise program helps you work up to a daily routine of aerobic exercise. As your medical conditions improve and you lose weight, you will be able to exercise more. Other exercises can be done, but the basic that keeps you heart and body healthy is aerobic exercise. All other exercise routines are built on that.


You will feel like you have more energy, like you can take on the whole world. My patients tell me that their fatigue disappears and that the look forward to getting out of bed in the morning. The say they can play with their children, go on walks, walk on the beach, in the park. They can go to sporting events and not be afraid if their seat or the bathroom is too far.

They can park far away in the parking lot and not be worried if they will make it to the grocery store. They feel like they can do their work and are not exhausted at the end of the day. They still have energy to spare to do things at home, play with their children, participate in activities with the spouse or loved ones, and go out after work to the movies.


There is no question in my mind that my patients get their self-esteem back and then some. So many patients have depression that goes along with their obesity and medical conditions. As the medical conditions disappear, as their weight drops, they feel the person that they are emerges. Women feel great being able to buy clothes from a different size rack.

They feel attractive. Men feel virile and capable. Patients feel confident at work, going for job interviews, meeting new people. Even simple things in life, like being able to cross their legs, sit in movie theater seats and fit inside restaurant booths. All of these things are the simple joys of life, that make you feel good about yourself.


Many of my patients tell me that once they have had surgery, their family participates in the same nutrition and exercise activities. This means that family members take on healthy habits. This is important for children and teenagers, who can then learn from their parent’s good nutrition and exercise habits. Patients spouses have told me that they lose weight and become healthier too, joining the patient in good nutrition and exercise routines.

Medical conditions-

On other pages on this site you have read and heard about surgery helping improve health. Imagine your life without diabetes, multiple stabs at your finger to check your sugar.

No shots from insulin. Imagine you life without high blood pressure medication, without a sleep apnea mask, without heartburn, without high cholesterol, without joint or back pain. Think of what your life will be like taking fewer medicines and less doctor’s office visits. Obesity surgery will improve your health.


There is no good health plan that includes tobacco products of any sort. If you use tobacco products now, please stop. By stopping tobacco use, you will improve your health. Ask your doctor for help with medicines or programs that help you quit.


You will be able to enjoy alcoholic beverages after surgery if you enjoyed them before surgery. My patients tell me they become cheap dates after surgery, because one drink lasts them the entire night. You will find that you will drink less.

Consuming alcohol should be done carefully. If you are going to drink alcohol make sure there is someone you trust to help you if you feel ill after drinking. Drinking alcohol to excess or on a daily basis is a safety hazard, interferes with health and nutrition.

Obesity surgery will help you get your health and your life back.