Obesity Surgery Procedures Part II: Gastric Sleeve

Here I continue of my explanation of the differences between different obesity operations.  Previous to this one I explained about the Lap Band.

Here is a quick review of the gastric sleeve.
•Obesity surgery / weight loss surgery works, diets don’t.
•The Lap Band is an OK surgery, there are better ones.
•Weight loss surgery is about improving your health.
•Obesity surgery is designed to cure, treat or prevent diabetes, sleep apnea, acid reflux (GERD), high blood pressure and high cholesterol / triglycerides.
•All weight loss operations ARE NOT the same.
Weight loss operations work differently and have different results.

The Gastric Sleeve permanently removes the large floppy portion of the stomach. This changes your stomach in to a long skinny sleeve.

Put the tip of your index finger into the joint where your thumb is connected to your hand as if you were giving a really small OK sign. That’s how big your new sleeve will be. Now stretch out your thumb and
little finger, like giving a Hawaiian “Hang Ten” sign. This is how long your new stomach will be. A long
skinny tube.

Your new Sleeve will continue to work like a normal stomach with smaller capacity.
•Gastric Sleeve will;
•Make you full quickly – meals are ¼ to ½ cup capacity.
•Take away your hunger, appetite and cravings – imagine forgetting about food, not thinking about
•Activate positive chemical & hormone changes that increase your metabolism.
•Make your body more efficient at burning calories and losing weight.
•Make good nutrition and daily aerobic exercise to be more successful for you.

cooking out after bariatric surgeryI performed the Sleeve on my best friend. He struggled for 3 years with the decision to have or not have weight loss surgery. Like everybody else he did everything he could to lose weight. He was concerned about the effects of the operation.

He has a large family that gets together for weekend long barbecues and food fests. He brews his own beer. The one thing he could not wrap his head around was getting rid of hunger, appetite and cravings. He could not understand how a human being could not be hungry.

His family thought he would not be able to enjoy their bar-b-q’s.  His mother thought he would get too skinny. None of these have come true.

He’s lost over 50 pounds in less than 6 months. He enjoys every cook out & still brews his beers. Since his sleeve surgery he tells me he does not think of food. He is never hungry. He tells me he can eat anything he wants! It’s just in very small portions.

He eats on a strict schedule where he feeds himself ¼ to ½ cup of any type of food 6 to 8 times a day. He exercises every day. He tells me every time he wishes he had done the surgery sooner.  Of course, I slap him top side of his thick head, but I smile every time he tells me this.

Results for the Gastric Sleeve;
•Lose 60% to 65% of excess body weight in 1 year.
•Get rid of diabetes, sleep apnea, acid reflux (GERD), high blood pressure or make them easier to treat.
•Lose or improve back pain & joint pain.
•Have more energy.
•Improve your health.
This operation is done with; Laparoscopic surgery – minimally invasive.  I only use 4 tiny cuts on the skin of your belly, placed between your belly button and the bottom of your chest bone let me do this operation laparoscopically (minimally invasive). In some circumstance I can do this through one single incision (Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery – SILS). I will talk about SILS in a different blog.
•95% of my patients are home the next day and back to work in 3-4 days. Imagine having a major
surgery on a Friday and being back to work on Monday!

Weight loss surgery is about getting healthier, losing the need for medicine and oh yeah, losing a bunch
of weight! The Sleeve will help you do this.