Obesity and sexual dysfunction in men

No surprise here, although maybe for the disbelieving public, but those who do not believe obesity is a disease OR that obesity surgery does not work, here is a good article.


Of course it is dry in a scientific way, but it confirms that obesity affects sexual function in men. The simple terminology, when you are a guy and you are obese, it is much more difficult to “fuel your rocket”- wink-wink – meaning it is nearly impossible to be the Romeo to your Juliet, tough to be the Tristan to your Isolde, and a major obstacle to be the King Leonidas to your…whoever.

But it pointed out some new information

  1. 64% of Americans are obese – this is a slight increase from 10 years ago, but shows that obesity is not going away, no matter how many crazy diets come out.
  2. 325,000 deaths are directly linked to obesity – this is a new and scary number. The CDC is not backing away like it did 10 years ago when it was accused of fostering fear and overstating obesity as a risk factor.
  3. 54 Million Americans are dieting – The CDC was surprised to find that number of obese Americans and dieting Americans are increasing. SURPRISE! If you don’t treat obesity the correct way AND make access to surgery difficult, guess what? The problem does not go away!
  4. Obesity results in sexual dysfunction and unhappiness in men and women – I rest my case.

This article treats this like a new discovery, but it is not.

The same things that lead to the risk of heart disease and stroke are the very same things that lead to the physical inability to engage in sex.

  • a. High blood pressure
  • b. Diabetes
  • c. High cholesterol
  • d. Physical deconditioning – Greek for “Out-of-Shape”
  • e. Smoking – blows me away, but millions of americans are still smoking.

Another big piece of information is for women –

•If you are pre-menopausal and obese sexual dysfunction hits you like the doomsday asteroid!

Getting back to guys, the study brought up a bit of a “Duh” moment, but did so in a scientific way.

Men who are obese and have erectile dysfunction have the same biologic markers for heart disease.

You don’t know this, but this is how Viagra® was discovered! Vitamin V was originally developed as a heart drug. During the study, they discovered the beneficial side effect. SURPRISE! Wouldn’t you just love to hear that conversation, “Doc, that medicine…my heart still hurts, but I AM SO HAPPY!”

Back to serious doctor stuff.

Here is the sad part of this study. They never once menitoned surgery as a way to improve health, reduce health risk factors. They continue to spew the worthless “lifestyle, calorie” song. I am always amazed at how this supposedly bright people are not very smart.

Here is a summary of the messages that my blog has given you faithful readers;

  1. Surgery will cure diabetes, sleep apnea, acid reflux and high  blood pressure.
  2. Surgery will reduce your risk for heart disease, stroke and cancer.
  3. Surgery will improve joint pain, back pain and migraines.

Obesity surgery is about improving your health. Suegery makes good nutrition and exercise work for you.

Get healthy, stay healthy, and go get your love life back!