More Evidence Weight Loss Surgery Could Be the Answer for Type 2 Diabetes

A wonderful article has summarized the top accomplishments of the Cleveland Clinic. The message is clear. Obesity surgery is better at getting rid of diabetes than any medicine will ever be.  This debate has been raging for nearly 5 years now.

The World Health Organization has been debating about using obesity surgery as the first line of treatment for diabetes. What a revolutionary thought process – surgery actually cures something! And it cures the number 1 medical problem in the world today. I wonder what all the insurance companies are waiting for?

dallas weight loss surgery can help cure diabetesBariatric surgery for control of diabetes: Diabetes has been treated the same way for a decade, and although we have seen advances in pharmacotherapy, less than half of type 2 diabetics achieve good glycemic control, said Phil Schauer, director of the Bariatric and Metabolic Institute.

Over the years, doctors have observed diminished type 2 diabetes associated with weight-loss surgeries. Two studies published this year in the New England Journal of Medicine delivered evidence that bariatric surgery worked better than standard therapies for type 2 diabetes in obese and overweight people over the long term.

“A lot of these patients, before they even leave the hospital, can be weaned off of their insulin,” Schauer said. “There’s something else going on besides weight loss.” Schauer said researchers are studying different factors including hormones that could be affected by these surgeries. Although it’s expensive up front, bariatric surgery could pay off in the form of reduced need for care, medication and
supplies within a few years. “We need to do more detailed studies to determine how these procedures work,” he added.

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