How to Lose Weight Fast, But Safely

lose weight fast

If you’re considering embarking upon a weight loss plan, health should always be your top goal. Health and safety go hand in hand to make a plan successful.

The general rule for weight loss is that it’s unsafe to lose more than three pounds per week. If this sounds like it’s not enough, be careful. It’s far better to lose 10 pounds in a month than lose five pounds in a week, hit a wall and give up, gain it all back and be at square one in a month.

Think of your long-term goals for a healthier lifestyle — being able to run and jump, having the stamina to play in the yard with your kids, or getting to shop in regular department stores — rather than how many pounds you need to lose by a strict deadline.

Once you’re in that mindset, go all in on the classic recipe for weight loss: nutritional eating and aerobic exercise.

On the nutritional side, eat several small meals per day as opposed to just a couple of large ones. Drink plenty of water, and skip the sugary beverages. In fact, take a day to get all the junk food out of your home entirely so it won’t even be a temptation. Keeping a food journal can be a great way to monitor your calorie count, and just the act of writing down what you eat can cause you to eat less.

For exercise, a blend of cardio and strength training works best. If you haven’t exercised in a while or feel like you may not be able to, check with your doctor to develop a plan. The key is taking it slow at first and building up to a regular routine; Dr. Dirk recommends one hour of aerobic exercise every single day.

Between food intake and calories burned, you should be at a deficit of about 500 calories each day. Any more than that can become dangerous. Be realistic and know that you have to consume food to be able to exercise and build muscle.

Don’t give up and stick to your goals, and in the long term, whether it be a month or a year, you will see the return on your investment.

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