Is bariatric surgery safe? Yes it is!

The respected and long established British journal, The Lancet, has published an entire series on obesity surgery.  For those of you who are not scientific nerdy types like me, The Lancet is one of the most respected medical journals in the world. Its American counterpart is the New England Journal of Medicine. This is like having investigative reporting published in the New York Times. Serious science performed by serious people.

More importantly, these fantastic articles answer questions that have been bothering everyone for years. They also slam the door on naysayers.

  1. Is surgery safe? – Yes. Years of advancing surgery technology and medicine make it one of the safest operations in the world.
  2. Does it help? – Yes. Bariatric surgery is now recognized to reverse organ damage by diabetes.
  3. Are the rules made by insurance companies reasonable? – No.
  4. Should it only be used as a last resort? – No.
  5. Does surgery save the health care system money? – Yes

The best summary of this series comes from the editor:

Bariatric surgery has substantial benefits in terms of weight loss, metabolic status, and quality of life. It is safe and effective, and the future savings made through prevention of co morbid diseases could counterbalance its high cost. The surgery should, therefore, be available as an option to use when appropriate, and not only when all other options have been eliminated.

Bariatric surgery offers a real opportunity for preventing co morbid diseases and complications of obesity. If it is only used as a final resort, this opportunity will be missed.

The New England Journal was ahead of its time about 7 years ago when it dedicated one of its issues in a similar way with similar findings.

One of the sad things about this series is that it points out that rules limiting obesity surgery, limit the health benefits to so many people.

Show this issue to your doctor, primary care doctor, endocrinologist.

Dallas Weight Loss Doctor, Dr Dirk,  is proved right again – obesity surgery works!