How not to get high blood pressure

A new study has come out of Europe presented at a meeting about high blood pressure (HARVEST –  Hypertension and Ambulatory Recording Venetia Study) presented at the 2013 International PreHypertension and Cardiometabolic Conference – boy, that was a mouthful – authored by Dr Paolo Palatini.

This wonderful piece of science showed who did not get high blood pressure. After 15 years, people who did not get high blood pressure were of course healthier that those that did.  Most importantly to me, but nearly completely ignored except for a 1 sentence mention, people who did not get high blood pressure, wait for it…. had no increase in their Body Mass Index (BMI). Meaning they did not increase weight.
Amazing! High blood pressure was directly linked to obesity.  Not only that, also of little mention was that when peoples weight went up, they became pre-diabetic AND had high blood pressure.  Somebody pinch me quick! A big study has finally shed to light what we have never known – excuse the upper case letters, cause I gotta shout this – OBESITY CAUSES HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE AND DIABETES!
Can I get an amen?

obesity surgery helping high blood pressureOf course all of this was lost on absolutely everyone, except for those of us who take care of obesity and its related cousins.  Regardless of my dripping sarcasm, it is wonderful this information is out there, even if obesity is not given the importance it deserves. It confirms what all of us in the real world have know.
Obesity is the cause of lots of high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea
and chronic GERD.  It also reminds us, obesity surgery gets rid of diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, chronic GERD.

What saddens me is how little attention is paid to obesity and how little attention is paid to the success of obesity surgery in getting rid of diabetes and high blood pressure.  What makes me happy is that more of the folks who are coming to see me are doing so for the right reasons. They want their health back or they want to avoid the health problems that affected their parents.  More importantly, the scientific evidence continues to mount that obesity surgical procedures work. It  allows me to disagree more vehemently with the  non-believers.  Because, to quote a recent YouTube celebrity, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”