Garcinia Cambogia – say what?

I have said this on my FaceBook page and I will say it again here. If you have had obesity surgery you are not a failure, you did not take the easy way out, you are the smartest person in the room. You are your own best nutrition expert because you do not waste time with junk that does not work.

Case in point, Garcinia Cambogia – bless you! Touted by television talking heads as the best thing since sliced bread. NOT! Garcinia is the extract of Hydrocitric acid (HCA)from the malabar fruit found in tropical contries like Southeast India and Asia. I’m not certain why or how this came to be, but someone thought that this stuff was great for weight loss. Of course since it was not from the USA, since it required travel to jungle rain forests in Raiders of the Lost Ark type adventures and since physician celebrities with the letter “O”in their name said it was good, there was a rush to the stores to get as much as possible.

Here is the short story on Garcinia Cambogia

  1. In 1998 it was deemed worthless by the Journal of the American Medical association.
  2. A second more recent study claimed it was good for appetite suppression, even though when 2 study groups were compared, after 8 weeks folks on GC lost 14 pounds and folks not on it lost 6 pounds.
  3. It is essentially worthless – don’t waste your time or money – this from a doctor with the letter “D” in his name.

Since all of you have been reading my blog for a while (right?), you are now aware that these magical pills work for 6-8 weeks and then just as magically, zippo, nada, zilch. Sounds familiar? Like pretty much everything else out there.

Remember, when we are dealing with obesity, there are hormones and chemicals in your body that keep you right there. It is a medical condition. Not a shortage of malabar rind extract. Surgery like the Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass and Duodenal Switch change the chemical equations to reduce the toxic hormones and activate the positive ones to accelerate metabolism and make good nutrition and exercise more effective!

You are the smart ones, don’t waste time or money on this junk.

Be healthy.