Is There A Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedure?


Before the advent of the gastric balloon, severe weight loss procedures that were proven to work were all surgical in nature. Fortunately for those who prefer minimally invasive, temporary solutions, the gastric balloon is now a viable option. Gastric balloons work by placing a balloon that is filled with silicon and saline into the stomach, physically taking up space that would normally be filled with food.

This balloon can be taken out relatively easily at any time with no negative, long-term side effects, causing many people to prefer it as a strategy over the permanent choice of other options, such as a gastric sleeve.

Orbera Non-surgical wieght loss


Orbera is one of the most popular brands within the industry of gastric balloons. The company has a 20-year history of providing gastric solutions to medical professionals in the weight loss industry. According to the Orbera website, no gastric balloon has shown more of an ability to help people lose weight during clinical studies in the United States.

The gastric balloon has many advantages over the more traditional forms of weight loss surgery. The balloon has been shown to be a more durable solution than gastric bands, which have a high rate of re-operation. The gastric sleeve has the potential to cause the body to lose nutrients and is not a reversible procedure.

Even gastric bypass surgery, long considered the standard against which all other procedures are measured, usually requires longer hospital stays and a bigger commitment to a restrictive diet and exercise program.

The gastric balloon is usually a great option for young people who are considering a weight loss procedure because of its non-permanent nature. Children with a BMI of 40 with health problems that are related to obesity can take on a gastric balloon without many of the negative side effects that make other gastric choices impossible for a still-growing body.

Overall, the gastric balloon has proven itself a very effective and useful tool in the battle against obesity. Contact your medical provider with any questions that you may have about the procedure and what you will need to do in order to qualify for it.