Is Dr. Dirk’s Executive Express Program Right For You?

Executive Express ProgramIf you’re considering undergoing weight loss surgery to improve your health and your life, you’ll need to choose the operation that will balance the demands of your busy life and what’s best for your health. Dr. Dirk has a lot of bariatric surgery experience helping patients find the surgery that will help them live their best healthy lives with little interruption to their work schedule, and he’s tailored an easy-to-follow program to meet each patient’s personal needs.

Dr. Dirk’s Executive Express Program, one of the few of its kind in the industry, allows on-the-go professionals to have weight loss surgery without disrupting their daily lives. As a busy surgeon with over 10,000 weight loss operations under his belt, Dr. Dirk understands the pressure to get back to work after surgery, which why he was inspired to develop the Executive Express Program. He wants to help you change your life without the need to spend countless days in a hospital or to lose precious work time, sick leave or vacation time.

The Executive Express Program can have patients back to work in less than a week—and some patients may be back at work only three days after surgery. If you’ve been thinking about weight loss surgery, ask yourself these three questions.

1. Do you need to keep up with a younger, healthier workforce?

If you work in a demanding industry like sales or consulting, keeping up with the new batch of college grads that joins the workforce every year can be really tough, especially if you’re struggling with your weight. Our Executive Express Program can help you get into the best shape of your life, and you won’t have to take off too much time from your busy work schedule to have life-changing surgery.

2. Are you a busy professional for whom extended downtime just isn’t a possibility?

Most people think that bariatric surgery is something that keeps a patient in recovery for months. With Dr. Dirk’s Executive Express Program, you could potentially be back to work in three or four days. Imagine having surgery on a Thursday or Friday and being back to work on Monday. Dr. Dirk also offers bariatric surgery procedure consultations via Skype or other virtual conferencing software, meaning that he can keep tabs on your progress while you’re still out closing deals.

3. Are you ready to change your health, your life and your professional opportunities?

Only qualified patients are accepted into Dr. Dirk’s Executive Express Program. Busy C-suite executives, managers, business owners and anyone who wants to portray an appearance of health, vigor and youth and are ready to make a monumental change in their physical health are admitted into this exclusive program. Dr. Dirk will tailor his approach directly to the demands of your schedule and lifestyle. If you’re not ready to make a big change on the fast track, this program probably isn’t for you.

Dr. Dirk and Nobilis Health Corp offer a variety of weight loss surgery options that can fit any lifestyle, including those among us who are just too busy to commit months and hours to a surgery that their body desperately needs. Different financing plans are available to patients. The Executive Express Program allows busy candidates to access all the health benefits of weight loss surgery without taking a major time hit in their professional lives.

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