Eating healthy and exercising works?

Finally, Dr Dirk is vindicated! An O.K. article is coming out in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine. Feel free to read the summaries of this study on your own
(  / but allow me to summarize it for you.

People who ate healthy AND exercised did better than those who only changed their diet, only changed their exercise routine or did nothing. By better they mean at the end of 1 year, the study subjects were still eating healthy AND exercising.  Unfortunately, the study did not track weight loss. They plan to follow-up the same study tracking weight loss.

This falls in line with what I have been saying to my patients for years. Change your exercise routine AND change your eating.  I do not agree with how the study recommended the subjects change their diet ( 5-9 servings a day of fruits and vegetables – ancient worthless advice), but at least at the end of 1 year they indicate that the subjects doing healthy eating AND exercise were still doing just that.  I also do not agree with the 150 minutes per week, but that is a different debate. I ask all my patients to work towards 1 continuous hour every day of aerobic exercise.

The study showed that personal computers and hand held devices help motivate people to exercise and track their nutrition.  I liked the fact that they study included health coaches that contact the subjects on a frequent basis to help answer questions and keep them on track.

This is just like NuVita®  program on Dr Dirks website.  NuVita partners with Dr Dirk to help my patients with just this. A personal coach to help obesity surgery patients stay on track with their nutrition and exercise program. NuVita creates a personal web page for each individual person. On this page they download their exercise directly from a cardio monitor. They can track their nutrition, too. The coach is available online, via phone or email. NuVita has an app for Android ®  phones, iPhone® and tablet devices.

Take away message is clear. Obesity surgery patients who change their nutrition AND exercise have better results, get healthier and lose more weight than those who don’t.  Dr Dirk is vindicated and once again must live with the burden of being right!

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