Dallas Bariatric Surgeon – Dirk I. Rodriguez, MD

Meet Dallas Bariatric Surgeon Dirk I. Rodriguez, MD

Dr. Dirk Rodriguez is an experienced bariatric surgeon who has done more than 10,000 weight loss operations during his 20 year career as a bariatric surgeon. He will tell you that obesity is a medical disease condition that does not allow your body to work efficiently. With obesity, your body is like an engine that needs a serious tune-up! Obesity surgery changes your body in a positive way to help your body work effectively. It “tunes up” your body so that good nutrition and exercise will work for you and help you become healthy.

Meet Dallas Bariatric Surgeon Dr. DirkDr. Dirk fits his weight loss surgery programs to you, combining surgery with common-sense good nutrition and exercise. He keeps it simple, because he has learned through his years of experience that simple works. He cares deeply about his patients and their future health, so he’ll give you the time and attention you deserve. This caring approach to patients is why Dr. Dirk has been recognized by D Magazine as one of Dallas’ Best Doctors over the years.

Dr. Dirk treats patients in their teenage years on up. He knows that treating obesity as a medical issue will help them become healthy adults with less obesity-related conditions down the road. Dr. Dirk’s weight loss surgeries, including gastric bypass, vertical sleeve gastrectomy and corrections of failed operations are done through four or five small incisions in the belly. This way, you’ll have minimal scarring, recover faster and get back to your healthy life quickly.

Dr. Dirk served as a military surgeon and decorated flight officer in the United States Air Force. He has nearly 30 years of surgery experience, including experience in general surgery, trauma surgery, vascular and laparoscopic hernia surgeries. He’s a nationally recognized surgery expert, and has taught surgeons in the United States as well as Puerto Rico, Germany, Australia and Brazil.

If you’re interested in weight loss surgery, schedule an appointment with Dr. Dirk. He’s straightforward and honest, and he’ll support you every step of the way.

Contact our office to find out why so many people in Dallas and the surrounding areas trust Dr. Dirk with their health. You can change your life — and Dr. Dirk can help.