The Benefits of Eating Full-Fat Dairy Products

dairyPeople often kick off a new nutrition plan by throwing out all the junk food in their cabinets or refrigerators. If you’re about to start this phase of your new healthy lifestyle, there’s one thing you may want to keep: full-fat dairy products.

Usually vilified for their fat content, new studies show full-fat dairy products may help with weight loss and drastically decrease risk for diabetes.

While researchers aren’t completely clear on how dairy fats reduce diabetes risk — it could be that it helps the body with insulin, or works with the liver — they did see a marked 46 percent lower risk for diabetes over 15 years in those with higher levels of dairy fats in their blood.

Dr. Dirk says he is not surprised.

“Dairy products are a quick, easy and affordable choice for protein,” he says.

Study authors hypothesize that full-fat dairy products are nutritional powerhouses, so the calories are worth it for the protein and vitamins found in each serving. In a second study, women who consumed the most high-fat dairy products reduced their risk of obesity by 8 percent.

While these statistics are encouraging for those of us who can’t leave the grocery store without at least one kind of cheese in our carts, it’s not painting the full picture.

“I am always disappointed when studies like this ignore the importance of daily aerobic exercise for diabetics. The most important drug for any diabetic is daily aerobic exercise,” Dr. Dirk, a Bariatric Surgeon in Dallas, TX  says. “Any exercise that uses the large muscles of your body continuously for no less than 60 minutes every day is the best medicine for type 1 and type 2 diabetes.”

If you’ve been trying to lose weight and your nutrition plan and workouts aren’t cutting it, it may be time to take the next step and give Dr. Dirk a call. While the post-surgery lifestyle can be strict, you don’t necessarily have to give up creamy full-fat dairy.

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