Are “healthy” foods keeping you from losing weight?

healthy foods

You’re doing everything right. You’re ordering salads at restaurants, stocking up on fruits and vegetables and only snacking on healthy foods. Yet the weight is still there. What could be going wrong?

Unfortunately, many foods marked with “healthy” labels, like “low-fat” or “good for you,” simply are not healthy, especially when consumed at a higher rate—which a new study shows happens more often than previously thought. Researchers found that people perceive food marked as “healthy” as less filling, causing them to eat more and stall their weight loss.

“People eat more of the healthy stuff, but they end up consuming just as many calories,” says Dr. Dirk.

Just because food is “low-fat” or “carb-free” doesn’t mean that it’s calorie-free. A weight loss diet can only be successful when the calories burned per day exceeds the amount of calories eaten per day. So even if you only eat healthy foods, you’re not going to lose weight by overeating those foods.

“It has been known for a long time that just because a food label says “healthy” or “low-fat,” it is none of those things,” Dr. Dirk says. “Even when people go on a ‘fruit and vegetable’ diet, they do not lose weight.”

If you’re looking to lose weight, Dr. Dirk recommends learning how to read food labels. Take careful note of serving sizes and ingredient lists, and plan out each meal and snack (including portion sizes) so you don’t overeat.

Practicing good eating habits is a huge part of weight loss, but another component people frequently forget is exercise. Dallas Weight Loss Surgeon, Dr. Dirk,  says many people think they can lose weight on a diet alone, but if they want to take their weight loss seriously, exercise is key.

If diet and exercise seem daunting, Dallas obesity surgery can be a great way to kick-start the process, Dr. Dirk says. It makes exercise and a healthy diet more effective, yielding better results and keeping people encouraged on their path to weight loss.

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