Weight Loss Surgery for Teens & Adolescents

Teen & Adolescent Bariatric Surgery Program in Dallas, TX and Surrounding Areas

Being a teenager is tough enough on its own, but obese teens often feel even more depressed and isolated than their peers do. Dr. Dirk Rodriguez understands the pressures that obese teenagers face, and he’s an expert at guiding them through the weight loss surgery journey.

Obesity is not just a weight management problem. It’s a medical condition. This fact often surprises people, especially teenagers, because they may have been shamed by their peers and maybe even other physicians. Dr. Dirk treats obesity as an important medical condition.

Obesity in Teens

Increased Risk of Health Problems

Obese teens have a 50 percent chance of becoming obese adults. Adult obesity causes medical problems including diabetes, high blood pressure, acid reflux, joint and back pain, high cholesterol and sleep apnea.

As a parent, you’re concerned about the present and future health problems for your teenager. Your teenager probably feels socially isolated and is worried about being teased in school and not being able to participate in activities.

Is it Time to Consider Obesity Surgery?

Before surgery, Dr. Dirk will work with your teen to help them develop healthy habits they will use for the rest of their lives. He’ll explain his proven plan of small, frequent meals with high-protein, low-carb foods, plus vitamins and daily aerobic exercise.

Even under the strict supervision of a doctor, medical diet and exercise plans alone have a 95 percent failure rate. If you or your teenager has been dieting for 3-6 months without the results you need and want, it’s time to consider surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery for Teens with Obesity

Low Complication Rates

Many parents are afraid that surgery is too drastic a measure for their teenagers. Dr. Dirk has 20 years of experience helping people of all ages live a healthier, happier lifestyle. It’s perfectly safe for teenagers to undergo anesthesia, and weight loss surgery procedures have very low complication rates (less than 1 percent).

Minimally Invasive & Short Recovery

All of Dr. Dirk’s surgeries are performed with minimal invasion and short recovery times. In some cases, patients can have surgery on Thursday and go back to school on Monday. Dr. Dirk always works closely with the teen and their family to choose the bariatric surgery option that is right for them. You can learn about all the surgery options here.

Lifestyle Changes for Obese Teenagers and their Families

There are many reasons for the growing obesity rate among young adults in America. Some blame a lack of physical education and organized sports. Others say it’s because of inactive hobbies, such as playing video games or watching TV. But at the end of the day, these habits can be changed.

Develop an Exercise & Nutrition Plan

Dr. Dirk works closely with the teenager’s entire family both before and after surgery. For weight loss surgery to work, the whole family needs to get involved. In addition to doing check-ups after surgery, Dr. Dirk will work with you to develop a family diet plan that cuts out high-calorie and fast foods.

It’s also important for the entire family to exercise together and make it a habit that everyone can enjoy. It’s much easier for people, especially teens, to live a healthy lifestyle when they’re supported by their loved ones.

Get Help from Experts

Obesity makes eating healthy and exercising very hard. Sometimes, getting help from dietitians and physical trainers can help. Dr. Dirk will make these services available. His nutrition and exercise program is simple, which is what makes it work.

If you are a teenager struggling with obesity or a parent who’s worried about your child’s health, you have options. Get started with Dr. Dirk today and let him help you realize your potential.