Adult Weight Loss Surgery

Adult Weight Loss Surgery – Dallas, TX

Obesity affects one-third of adults in the United States. If you’re one of the many people suffering from obesity, you may feel stuck, alone and hopeless. But there is hope — and you do have options.

Dr. Dirk Rodriguez has been performing weight loss procedures in Dallas and areas of Oklahoma, Louisiana and New Mexico for more than 20 years. If you’re feeling trapped in a body you don’t recognize, it’s time to make a change and transform your life.

Health Effects of Obesity

Obesity is a disease that takes a toll on your body in visible and invisible ways. Outwardly, you may struggle to walk and breathe. Your obesity may make it difficult to participate in social events or have a fulfilling sex life. Joint and back pain due to obesity can make it harder to move and enjoy activities with your friends and family.

Inwardly, obesity takes an equally large toll. Sleep apnea makes it difficult for your body to get the rest it needs, and a lower sex drive can lead to depression. Obesity is also responsible for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and an increased risk of diabetes, all of which can lead to chronic illness and even death. These conditions pose a very real threat to your health and happiness.

Emotional Effects of Obesity

In addition to these physical effects, obesity can also have negative effects on your mental wellbeing. Studies have shown that obese people are treated differently by others. Patients often report being passed over for jobs and promotions and having little to no dating opportunities. Unfair as it may be, you may feel like you’re treated with less respect due to your weight.

So it’s no surprise that obesity is often associated with depression, which makes it even more difficult to maintain a healthy diet or exercise routine. If you feel forgotten or left behind, bariatric surgery may be your chance to turn your life around.

Weight Loss Procedure Options

Dr. Dirk performs many different types of bariatric surgeries, and he and his dedicated staff will work to find the best option for you. You can choose between surgical procedures that are more permanent, such as a gastric sleeve, or you may choose less invasive, temporary procedures like a gastric balloon. Bypass surgery is another different type of procedures that may be better suited to your individual body and lifestyle.

In many cases, your insurance carrier will cover a portion of the bill for weight loss surgery if you are in danger of a condition that causes chronic health problems. Our office will check your insurance and tell you what it will and won’t cover. Check out our BMI calculator to determine your eligibility for certain obesity surgery procedures. You will need this number in order to move forward with your insurance.

By researching your options, you’ve already taken the first step towards a healthier, happier way of life. Let Dr. Dirk help you realize your potential by scheduling a consultation today.