Am I A Candidate?

Obesity is very much a disease and not only negatively affects a person’s health, but also their self-perception and relationships. Dr. Dirk understands this and that’s why he has spent his 25+ year career to helping patients on their weight loss journey.

There is a good chance your doctor has told you that obesity is affecting your health. Or you have realized this yourself. Obesity is giving you diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, GERD or reflux, back pain, knee pain, high cholesterol. You have been told you have to do something, but no one gives you a good solution.

Maybe simple life events have gotten too difficult. Going out to restaurants, traveling, going to the movies, all seems daunting. Even family events or intimacy may be an issue.

Today you are here to leave all that behind. You want something that will work, that will help you, you want to be healthy again, you want to enjoy your life, and you want to lose weight!

Here are some of things to look at while considering surgery:

Dealing With Your Obesity Health Concerns

The good news is that you can leave all this frustration behind as soon as you are ready. Weight loss surgery techniques have improved exponentially over the past few years. You now have your choice of permanent or non-permanent solutions, surgical or noninvasive procedures, and techniques that flow with your natural lifestyle rather than requiring you to change everything just to lose weight.

If you have tried diet and exercise with no results, you may want to check your candidacy for a more in-depth weight loss procedure. Here are the criteria you need to know.

The Criteria for Weight Loss Surgery

You may be able to share the cost of your weight loss surgery with your insurance carrier if you have a BMI of 40. However, insurers will sometimes make exceptions for people with a BMI of 35 who also have a health condition that is related to obesity.

What Will Weight Loss Surgery Do for You?

  • Lose Weight
  • Improve your health & quality of life
  • Reduce heal care expenses
  • Allow you to enjoy activities with your family
  • Give you a longer, healthier life
  • Get rid of diabetes or acid reflux
  • Improve high blood pressure
  • Improve high cholesterol
  • Help with depression
  • Get rid of or improve your sleep apnea
  • Help joint & back pain


Checking Your Candidacy for Weight Loss Surgery With Our BMI Calculator

If you want to be sure of your candidacy for weight loss procedures, check your BMI using our convenient calculator here.


Taking on Weight Loss With Your Peers

We have a weight loss program for working professionals that will inspire you as you work alongside your peers.

If you are a teen who is shy about being in a weight program, you can join our special teen group for privacy and encouragement.

Adults can join in with their peers to stay motivated along the path to weight loss through our specialized programs for adults who are serious about taking their lives to the next level.