How To Get Toned After Losing Weight?

I get this question a lot in my practice.  My patients lose a good amount of weight after their Band, Sleeve, Bypass or Switch. They are happy,  feel good, then are interested in getting more of that weight off. They are also concerned about not losing lean muscle.  Your time is limited, you can’t spend all day in the gym working out, gotta earn a living too or you have a life to live outside the gym. You want lose more weight and build some muscle in there. Because, Dr. Dirk, muscle burns calories and fat, right? Yes!

•Old science – It used to be said that to lose more weight, do your weight / resistance training first, then do your aerobics. The thought was weights / resistance would fill your muscles with blood getting them ready to burn more calories during aerobics. Seems like this isn’t as effective as once thought.

•Good Science – Aerobics first then weight / resistance training. Getting your heart pumping then going over to the weights / resistance not only builds more lean muscle, but also burns more fat.

•Even Better Good Science – Combine the two together. This is called Concurrent Exercise (or CE for short).

Doing aerobic AND weight / resistance exercises together produced better aerobic conditioning – meaning you were in better shape AND decreased body fat than just doing aerobics alone or weights / resistance alone. (Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, Davis, W Jackson and others, 22(5):1503-1514, September 2008 and Davis, W Jackson and others, 22(5):1487-1502, September 2008.)

Examples of CE are P90X®, Insanity®, boot camps, etc.  With CE you can make the most of your exercise time. Instead of boring yourself to death on the treadmill or admiring yourself swathed in zebra spandex in the mirror over at the weights section, you can combine aerobic and weight / resistance training together.

•NOW HEAR THIS! Start slow!

Obesity operation patients have got to start slow! I do not expect any of you to jump in to 1 hour of the Insanity® workout. You may need to load up on Tylenol®, hot packs, cold packs or anything else that helps you get through the routine. Heck, anybody doing a CE workout must start slow. When I do the Insanity® workout I usually end up on the floor in the fetal position begging the guy in the video to quit yelling at me!

•Do not hurt yourself! As an obesity operation patient you want to lose weight and change how your body looks. I want you to be healthy not injured! Together we will get to the same place. Remember, any time you add weight /resistance training to any routine, your weight loss will slow down, then it will pick back up again.

Here is what I recommend for all of my obesity operation patients.:
•Start with aerobics first – walking, treadmill, elliptical, recumbent exercise bicycle, water walking, water aerobics. Work up slowly to 1 continuous hour every day. Once you have lost 30%-50% of your excess body weight then move to;

•Aerobics followed by weight training – do 40 to 45 minutes of aerobic exercise, followed by 15-20 minutes of weight / resistance training. Rest 60 seconds between sets of weights/ resistance moves. This will keep your heart rate up. Once you have lost 60%-75% of your excess body weight advance to;

•Concurrent exercise (CE) – It is important to start very slowly with these fitness routines. These workouts include moves you have not done in years. Any CE video workout  or trainer will encourage you to do it at your own pace. As you improve your overall conditioning, you can pick up speed and try to match the trainer.

Remember you are doing this to be healthy, stay healthy and oh, yeah, lose a bunch of weight.