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Dr. Dirk Rodriguez – Bariatric Surgeon

Providing Weight Loss Surgery for Dallas, TX and Surrounding Areas

Obesity is a disease that affects millions of Americans. To many, it is a burden that costs them their well-being, their confidence and, in some cases, their lives. There are solutions to the obesity problem and Dr. Dirk would like to help you. For years, Dr. Dirk has been bringing hope to residents in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas thanks to his immense experience with bariatric weight loss procedures. There are many different types of obesity surgeries offered by Dr. Dirk that can help change your life. From minimally invasive bariatric surgery like Lap Band surgery to more extensive procedures such as Gastric Bypass surgery, learn more about each type of bariatric surgery here and if they are the right fit for you.

Learn More About Weight Loss Surgery

The more you know the better you will understand what each bariatric surgical procedure will and will not do. There are lots of questions and fears about weight loss surgery. By consulting with us and our professional bariatric surgeon, you will replace fear with knowledge. Bariatric weight loss surgery is not for everyone and there are pros and cons. The decision to have any obesity surgery, including Lap Band surgery, gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass surgery will be easier to make when you are well educated about the topic. To get started learning about the weight loss surgeries offered by Dr. Dirk, visit our procedures page.

Get Started On Improving Your Life

Whether you are trying to look or feel better, losing weight can help you improve your life. Obesity can have so many negative effects on your health, it is important to do something about it. Dr. Dirk is a passionate believer that bariatric surgery gives you back your health and your life. Patients from all over Texas have trusted Dr. Dirk to help them lose weight and keep it off. Serving the area through convenient locations in Dallas and Palestine, TX, you’re not far from help. Whether you live in Arlington, Frisco, Plano or Wichita Falls, call today to set up an appointment with Dr. Dirk today.

Want to Learn More About Bariatric Surgery?

Check out our FAQ to find out more about bariatric surgeon Dr. Dirk and the different weight loss surgeries he performs in the Dallas, TX area

  • Band: Starting at $9,500
  • Band Fill: Starting at $100
  • Sleeve: Starting at $10,900
  • Bypass: Starting at $15,300

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